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Breakout Sessions

All our events are interactive. Don't just sit in the dark.
Interact with our presenters in these breakout sessions.

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Panel: How to get started in SCUBA (morning)

Scuba Sensations (Rami Hatamleh), Larry Boucha, Cheryl Wickstrom

It's more fun bioDIVERse in the Philippines

Lynn Funkhouser

The Philippines have been scientifically proven to be the most bioDIVEerse in the world, underwater and above. I will be showing 8 fun & fabulous diving areas of the Philippines - Anilao, Puerto Galera, Tubbataha, Dumaguete, Apo Island, Oslob, Malapascua, and Ticao. Filipinos are known for their smiles and hospitality. Adding that to the spectacular diving and amazing critters makes this my favorite dive destination.

Exploring The Flower Garden - The National Reef of Texas

Paul Cater Deaton

When asked about their favorite coral reef dive site in the state, Texas SCUBA divers jokingly say, “Cozumel.” But what a lot of people don’t know is that the Lone Star State has an extensive coral reef system offshore in the Gulf of Mexico. It was designated the 10th National Marine Sanctuary on 17 January 1992. It is the only marine sanctuary in the Gulf of Mexico.

The story goes that the Flower Garden got its name from fishermen who could see the colorful corals and sponges from their boats on the surface. As soon as the bubbles clear, one can see just how appropriate that name is. The underwater topography reveals ranges of mountainous corals, punctuated by sponges and loads of sea life, including sharks and manta rays.

Climate Change and the Great Lakes

Rick DiMaio
How has a changing and more variable climate altered the weather in the Midwest and the Great Lakes. At what point do we need to adapt and mitigate? Are we coping? Are we becoming more vulnerable? What do we need to be concerned about over the next 25, 50 and 75 years?

2:30 PM

Oceans Phone Home

Rick Morris

Join award winning cinematographer and underwater film producer Rick Morris as he embarks on a new world of underwater imaging using cell phones to shoot and create his films. Taking this striking technology underwater with the latest developments in imaging and bringing the world of underwater photography and film to every sea lover. From Whale Sharks in Mexico to the macro world of the Philippines Rick demonstrates how this now common cell phone technology has progressed to the point of shooting feature films and may serve to aid the continued health of the world’s oceans…

Best of Underwater Archaeological Society

Keith Pearson

The Underwater Archaeological Society of Chicago -25 years.
A fascinating recap of the best video and stories from 25 years of surveying the remains of ships that built Chicago, and a call to anyone interested in helping us continue our endeavor. This presentation will be given by a number of our current members (not just me).
Keith Pearson is a founding member of the Society, a past president, and has been diving for a half century. He is the current Survey Director and has been greatly involved in most of what the UASC has produced.

Aquatic food chain - the role of flora
Koch Unni

This presentation is an attempt to personify the value of aquatic flora in the preservation and conservation of all other forms of aquatic life. The global issues such as Global warming, Loss of Biodiversity, pollution etc has a very major impact in the sustenance of aquatic life . The presentation will focus on values and challenges of aquatic life.

Panel: Underwater Film

Caitlin Bailey, Larry Boucha, Rick Morris

Scholarships worth Considering

Scholarships and grants by the Women Diver's Hall of Fame (WDHOF) and Our World Underwater Scholarship support a variety of filmmaking, marine conservation, marine biology, underwater archaeology, and underwater education. Learn more about these opportunities and how to apply.

4:15 PM

Panel: How to get started in SCUBA (afternoon)

Marianne Precker, Larry Boucha, Patrick Hammer

How to Save a Whale: Untangling a Humpback in Tonga

Steve Arnam

The Waves of Chicago

Mike Killion
Columbia College Chicago alumnus Mike Killion will take you on an exploration into surfing the Chicago area and show through both film and photography the power of the waves.

The Evolution of Whales

Dr. Robin Whatley


We'd like to thank DocYourWorld, Columbia College Chicago, the Department of Cinema and Television Arts at Columbia College Chicago, the Department of Science and Mathematics at Columbia College Chicago, and Microcosm for helping us create a professional and inspirational event that's accessible to the public.

Without their support, we wouldn't be able to bring you this exclusive dive into our underwater world.